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Next party May 11th

Welcome to our special edition of the Cuban salsa matinee " Sensacion Cubana" in Breda. Fun, good music, good people, dance workshop, dance animation and food corner.

Dias Cubanos 2014

The Dias Cubanos is a yealy international dance festival with the goal to celebrating Cuban culture, music and dances in their richness and colors. Join over 300 dancers from all over Europe.

Lessons in March 2014

We will look forward to welcoming you all, new and former students, back to our lessons. The new schedule is already available with new courses and one extra day! Ready to dance?

Kizomba & Bachata

This course will be dedicated 50% to kizomba and 50% to Dominican bachata. You will learn timing, music interpretation, styling, figure and steps that can be used in social dancing. Read more

New lessons for beginners 2014

Whether you are a true beginner with no dancing skills or you are coming from another dance style, you are welcome to join our Cuban salsa lessons in Breda. The course start next April 1st and April 3rd 2014. If you are not sure whether this is what you are looking for, you are free to take the first class free of charge. Read more

Lady styling and body movements! – Lessons start on April 3rd -

During this special course given by Bea, you will learn how to move different parts of your body such as arms, hands, chest and shoulders body, independently. Part of the course will be dedicated to combine these movements with the steps for an authentic Cuban lady style. Bea will also teach you small choreographies to practice and master Bea's best sensual moves. To attend this course you need to have min 1 year of dance experience. Read more

Lady styling – Special

Do you think you have talent? Would you like to bring your dance skills and sensuality to the next level? This is then the special course you have been looking for! Learn a sexy ladies styling routine in 10 weeks. Performance is encouraged, but not required and will be available for all participants who wish to take their talent to the stage. Learn from a professional Cuban dancer that will teach you not only salsa but also afro, rumba, advanced body movements within the same choreography. Take advantage now! Lessons start on April 1st.

Beamiris promo video, ladies this is for you

This is a video promo that was made especially for the ladies to sneak preview what you will be learning during the lady styling course. Most of the videos were taken during lessons given at salsa festival. Enjoy it and hope to see you at Beamiris' lessons in Breda.

First Bailalma promo video

Check out our promotional video. These are various snapshots taken from some of the festivals we have been teaching at across Europe in 2012-2013. Enjoy it and we look forward to teaching this and more during our lessons in Breda.