Feature events

Cuban salsa matinee – July 12th

Join us for another of our parties at the STUDIO76 in Etten-Leur. A wonderful location, close to the highway, with free parking and a great dance space you all will enjoy. Salsa, bachata, kizomba and mucho mas!!

Cuban rumba bootcamp with Bea – June 20th, 2015

3 hour Bootcamp Rumba on Saturday June 20th in Amsterdam, taught by the amazing Beamiris Rodriguez. Rumba has enriched my dancing but it also brought back my joy for my overall dancing. Location: CREA (Amsterdam), Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

New dance lessons in April 2015

Special Lady and Man styling class

During this special course given by Bea and Fabrizio, you will learn how to move different parts of your body such as arms, hands, chest and shoulders body, independently. Part of the course will be dedicated to combine these movements with the steps for an authentic Cuban lady and man style. Bea will also teach you small choreographies to practice and master Bea's best sensual moves. Whereas gents get ready to spice up your dancing and do more than figures with elements of Cuban rumba! To attend this course you need to have min 1 year of dance experience. Read more

New lessons Cuban salsa and rueda de casino course

Join us to learn how to dance salsa Cuban style. During our lessons you will learn new steps, new figures and body movements. Part of this course will be devoted to rueda de casino. Learn and enjoy within a very informal and fun ambiance. To attend this course you need at least two years of dance experiance. Read more


First performance of the Bailalma Demo Team.

First performance of the Bailalma Demo Team. Congratulations to our dancers with their first performance and looking forward to the next show together. Starring Ruud, Gerdy, Joreon, Bernadette, Ron, Yvon, Peter and Jolanda.

Join our Demo team!

This course is open to everyone up to challenges with advanced dancing level in Cuban salsa. This is a non-professional demo team, so relax and enjoy :o). However strong commitment is a pre-requisite to join the group. Besides learning choreographies specially tailored to our students, each dancer will learn the necessary elements of son, Cuban rumba, afro Cuba, cha cha cha, rueda de casino, cubaton, etc depending on the choreography. Read more

First Bailalma promo video

Check out our promotional video. These are various snapshots taken from some of the festivals we have been teaching at across Europe in 2012-2013. Enjoy it and we look forward to teaching this and more during our lessons in Breda.

Beamiris promo video, ladies this is for you

This is a video promo that was made especially for the ladies to sneak preview what you will be learning during the lady styling course. Most of the videos were taken during lessons given at salsa festival. Enjoy it and hope to see you at Beamiris' lessons in Breda.